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  • Interesting Ted

    by Trent Deckard

    YouTube is my hobby. My life adventures, shared with the world! I put my heart into these videos, but am limited by my equipment.

  • SII: The Journey to the Future of Footwear

    by Shawn George

    Where art and fashionable footwear combine to create the future of footwear.

  • 2015 #GETFUNDED Conference

    by Alandria Sims

    This year, we've taken on the daunting task of having the first and most revolutionary conference ever done by the lending & conference

  • Hungry Pow Wow

    by jason bointy

    Native American Food Truck Cuisine- Coming to a Corner Near You! Bringing Old Fare with New Flair!

  • Living Necklaces! Beauty and Nature to Wear by Your Heart!

    by Tara

    This empty necklace will contain a thriving, healthy moss or fern, keeping nature right over your heart!

  • Vintage Record Player Restoration

    by Ian Cooper

    My Dream is to bring back the Classic 1960`s British record players There is No Affordable record players made in Britain any more

  • The Brush Bar

    by Sam Astuto Jr

    The Brush Bar is an art class in a warm inviting atmosphere where people can have a glass of wine with friends as they paint.

  • Generic Drugs: A Consumer's Self Defense Guide

    by Clifford Nilsen

    This self-published book provides information needed to protect you and your family from potentially dangerous generic drugs

  • Miss V.I.P. Magazine

    by Amber Belle

    An online magazine, blog and project. Trying to teach some body positivity, creativity and confidence to girls aged 13 to 20. Help us!

  • Geiger Counter w/ GPS Mapping and Logging

    by Kenneth Stocker

    Simple to use GPS mapping of radiation environments. Measure it, track it, log it! Many other uses too!

  • FaceHead Clothing Brand

    by Christian Santiago & Marvin Braun

    A universal Clothing line to express and relate to everyone's randomness. A style with no stereotypeThese are not the final products

  • Help create a portfolio of restoring an American classic!

    by Brysen Barber

    Restoring a piece of American history! Help me fund my dream of creating an art portfolio of my restoration of a 1982 Chevy Silverado.

  • indo restaurant

    by Indo indonesian restaurant

    Indo is an 85 seat full service Indonesian restaurant, with a Balinese atmosphere in a small lake community; steps from Cass Lake.

  • Pizza on Fire!

    by DaVon Fowlkes

    Raising funds to open an amazing pizza location. It'll be the Chipotle for pizza. Your custom made pizza will be ready in 90 seconds!

  • The Quitters

    by Corey Hayne

    We are creating a funny short 5 episode series about three guys kicking their bad habits, but only with your help!

  • Effects of Hypnotherapy on Alzheimer's Disease Sufferers

    by JoAnne Murphy

    Stories about several Alzheimer's client's hypnotherapy journey and the results of this alternative method of treatment.

  • Recipes from the Wilderness

    by Veronica Ferguson

    Everything you need to know about eating like a King in the wilderness. From what to pack, to how to cook it. This book has it all!

  • Creators [Webseries]

    by Connor Petrey

    The two creators of the biggest selling game in history just got fired from their studio..."Episodes meets Silicon Valley"

  • The Book of What

    by Mike Jubas and Nick Pagano

    A secret book accounting the misadventures of college students is found, stirring up laughs, national praise, and local scrutiny.

  • Republic - Experimental Short Film

    by Tamas Csillag

    Republic is an imagined territory, where music is prohibited as it can disturb your feelings.