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i want to be the first roma / gypsy person to have a successful online business i have great ideas and can guarantee profits

i am a roma but we are call gypsies but prefer the word roma 

and our culture is very secretive and scared do anything new or even scared to say who we are it is very hard for me to even admit that i am a roma writing this because fear or scared that no one will back me just by hearing that but that being said not all gypsies are bad just like not all black hispanic or any other cultures every body has good and bad 

now that being said my family is different and run very successful business

 we buy and sell all types of industrial equipment

 i am a  very hard worker and made and save money for this project on my own and have learn from my mistakes i have made very few but still take them has  a lesson  i am 28 year old and have did business with fortune 500 companies all the time but in my line business i am constantly out town never home with my family and it is a lot of stress to not be with your kids or fam for weeks and months at a time i am not complaining but just know i'm different and smart enough to run a online business 

i know my apps will be successful because i am going into a untap market and also the first to do so and have research my market already  i had a budget that i save up for this project and it was recently stolen from me by a free lancer on odesk about $ 2200 dollars i was trying to save money by hiring someone in india to develop my app but turns out to have been a waist of time and money to outsource so i want to hire some one local and dependable for development here in houston there are a few companies but need some help with my budget do to the fact they are more expensive and the fact that i tried outsourcing this project cheaper with a freelancer but turn out  not to be reliable 

i also have a software that is ebay research tool and there is nothing like it  on the market and also believe that this would revolutionize the way industrial dealers like myself sale on ebay  i just need some help to kick start these projects i believe in myself and just would like some help 

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the risk is only to get downloads and have active users or only goal would be once we have them active is to see what is the best way to kept them active and generate revenue from them
but again i am very smart and had success in almost everything i do
i allready have a plan for this and believe in it
the getting downloads really is the easiest step of my plan
i m a peoples person and very successful in
marketing ,seo, sales , purchasing, market research, i believe this will be the beginning of something big a very big brand i plan on making and updating the apps base upon my culture to begin and expanding from there


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