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This project is about showing the forgotten pieces of Detroit. The spaces always seem to have something magical about them.

 I want to show that even the derelict portions of Detroit still have there beauty even if they have been cast away and damned by society and the media. These old victorian homes still have potential to be rehabbed as well as some of the large vacant buildings. This is an extension of work I did years ago when I would shoot out my window at spaces or places that I felt had a certain feeling or energy to them. The main image comes from that series. I'm raising funds to get out in the field to do the work, some of the areas can be hard to get to and quite dangerous so I'll need a bodyguard with me at times for back-up and also to help me navigate. I would like to buy an additional lens for the project so that I can shoot wider angle images of the buildings. Also most of the money will be going to the large scale prints for the exhibition and framing work. 

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The risks I have are getting into the building I want to shoot in safely. Also working with large scale prints and making sure that the framing all goes well. And lastly, I run the risk of being unable to find a venue to show my work in which case I would have to just rent one out.


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